Car Crash Survivors Pose With Seatbelt Wounds for New Photography Series

Car Crash Survivors Pose With Seatbelt Wounds for New Photography Series

The project, brainstormed by New Zealand’s transport agency and Clemenger BBDO Wellington, is an effort to highlight the deaths caused on NZ’s roads due to passengers not wearing seatbelts.

Ten young men – all of whom are real crash survivors – accentuate the marks left behind by seatbelts during their accidents. Approximately 90 people die on New Zealand roads each year, with young males making up the majority.

Truth is, a seatbelt can be the difference between ending up injured, or ending up dead.

With their post-crash pictures for reference, the real injuries they sustained were recreated by PROFX, working in conjunction with Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Tash McKay, who provided close medical guidance. Of the project, she said: “A seatbelt really does leave a mark like this. They will save your life, but they will leave you a mark to show how they’ve done it.”

With the wellbeing of the subjects in mind, each man had his portrait taken at home, surrounded by family and friends in case of any issue when recalling their accidents.

The campaign was rolled out across the subjects’ own social media pages, with the images supported by videos of each one of the survivors revealing what it means to them to still be alive today.

You can see more of the series at the official website.

All photography by Our Production Team, and used with permission of Clemenger BBDO.

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