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Agua KMZERO . Barcelona

Clara Ocaña architect . photos: © José Hevia

This project presents the renovation of an office for the company Agua KMZERO, a sustainable water brand based on the concepts of quality, ecology, economy and proximity. The office is located in a building of 1965 in the industrial district of Poblenou, Barcelona.

With the intention that the atmosphere of their offices took part of their own identity the goal was to represent their values in the interior design project.
On one hand, we sought to work with recyclable materials (ecology), on the other hand, we took advantage of all the elements of the original industrial architecture (proximity / economy) and finally, we used glass as an allegory of water and to enhance and contrast with the rest of materials (quality).

The distribution consists of a diaphanous floor, which was the original state of the room, where we decided to introduce two boxes, due to the required program from the client. One box for the management office and the other one for the meeting room.

It is also worth mentioning the actions of preservation and restoration of all the original elements as the concrete columns, the metalic beams and the wooden floor.

The white paint floods the space with natural light and the green ceiling is a reference to nature according to the identity of the company that occupies the office.

Last but not least, for the artificial illumination the LED tube has been used as a suspension lamp on each table of the office, due to its low cost and formal simplicity.

Poblenou office
Architect: Clara Ocaña architect
Location: c/ Joan d’Àustria, 126, Barcelona Surface: 90 m2
Budget: 450€/m2 Client: Agua KMZERO
Photographer: José Hevia

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