We bow to thee, oh mighty engine. For you are the Destroyer of Warranties. You are the Bringing of Torque. Thou delivers all of the horsepower, and for that we rejoice. Though we are sad that we can no longer purchase you, since you’re all sold out.

Mopar have announced that its run of the mighty Hellephant Hemi crate engine is all sold. The pre-order form has been closed. There are no more $29,995-costing, 1,000-horsepower-producing marvelous mills for you to buy at this time. And the entire lot was accounted for in just two days time.

There’s been no word on just how many pre orders Mopar accepted before shutting it all down. The good news though, for those of you itching to vacate 30 large from your bank, is that all of this demand may lead to another run down the road. Then you can play Car Thanos, snap your throttle, and eliminate 50% of the tires from your vehicle.

Want to hear what the engine sounds like? Of course you do, and we can thank Jalopnik for bringing this clip to our attention:

The key was turned. And it was good.