Pixelmator Photo for iPad

Pixelmator Photo Now Available on the iPad

The team behind Pixelmator Pro have just announced the launch of their software on the App Store having made the software available for iPad. It promises non-destructive adjustments, AI-powered enhancements, a number of presets, and full raw support.

The developers state that the software provides a “desktop photo editing experience” to the iPad, and it certainly looks to provide some interesting competition to Lightroom. 

One of the most interesting features offered by Pixelmator Photo seems to be the artificial intelligence that the programmers say uses the machine learning framework used across Apple products. Trained using 20 million professionally-shot photographs, it claims to be able to enhance an image’s exposure, white balance and color range. It also offers to draw on this data to suggest how to crop an image to give the best composition.

Another notable feature is the repair tool with the video suggesting a very easy interface for removing unwanted elements, and recreating complex backgrounds.

Pixelmator is still a young company and while Fstoppers review of the Mac software just over a year ago found some limitations, the community is always receptive to small start-ups attempting to bring something new to the industry.

Pixelmator Photo for iPad

Pixelmator Photo is available from the App Store for $4.99 and requires iOS 11 and later.

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